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Quality Processes

Warner Linear is dedicated to designing and manufacturing “best-in-class” electromechanical actuators and controls.

We subscribe to a standard of quality derived from Altra's operational excellence initiative, a comprehensive business management approach designed to drive world-class performance.

Our quality starts in product design. It is demonstrated in the attention given to design details and the refinement of prototypes. It is apparent in our fast response to requests for quotes, and our strict adherence to deadlines in every stage of the work flow.

Design and Testing

Our application engineers and design specialists work closely with our customers to define both lab and field testing requirements.

Our solid model design capabilities, computer assisted testing, and manufacturing floor pre-shipment cycle test, all provide assurance that your Warner Linear actuators will meet or exceed your expectations (for application and technical service call 1-800-825-9050).

Our linear actuator testing capabilities include dual load life cycling stands, low and high pressure wash down test tanks, lift test stands and thermal shock submersion. Our test service providers add material analysis, noise and vibration evaluation capabilities.

Custom Solutions

We recognize how critical our actuators are to the overall performance of your equipment. Working closely with your engineering and development staff, we strive for an early understanding of how you want your linear actuator to perform.

Building a direct communication line from our engineer to your engineer provides a number of significant benefits.

  • A teaming of creative resources
  • Joint understanding of our actuator capabilities and how they can be tailored to your application.
  • An understanding of the lowest cost solution to meet your actuator requirements.
  • Providing a complete solution that includes controls as required.
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