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The PQS is a bi-directional current limit control. The control monitors current during actuator motion and quickly stops the actuator if an object gets in the way or at the end of stroke. The actuator will remain off until power is reapplied. The current limit setting is adjustable with two potentiometers that are accessible through two plugged holes on the side of the housing.

Product Features

Quick Stop: Field adjustable potentiometers limit the amount of current through the motor in one or both directions. Both potentiometers are factory set to the maximum actuator current unless otherwise specified. Potentiometers field adjustable also.

Motor Power: Switched by on board relay. The relay allows power to the motor as long as the actuator is not being commanded to go past the end limits.

Faster Stopping: Electronic dynamic braking, (EDB) is applied after every move for more accurate and faster stops.

Load Limit Trip Outputs: These outputs indicate when the current limit has been exceeded in either direction. They are active low transistor outputs.

Enclosure: Attaches to back of motor or other surface and is potted to work in harsh environments.

Protection: Zener diode suppression on the input and output for extra protection in noisy environments.

Product Data Sheets

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