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B-Track Linear Actuators | Warner Linear

Completely sealed, designed for tough, high load applications. B-Track linear actuators incorporate high strength, high quality components and are designed to provide years of trouble-free performance in harsh environments. Models feature a ball nut screw drive with integral load holding brake and overload clutch. Efficient power use, compact package size, excellent corrosion protection, rugged spur gearing, synthetic lubricants and high performance motors provide maximum capability and value. Models available with 2 to 24 inch stroke lengths, up to 2200 lb. load capacity, and up to 2.7 in./sec travel speeds.

Product Features

  • Stroke lengths from 2 inches to 24 inches (50 mm to 610 mm)
  • Load Capacities up to 2200 lb. (9790 N)
  • Travel speeds up to 2.7 in./sec (68.58 mm/sec)
  • AC or DC configuration
  • Optional limit switches: fixed or customer adjustable
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Warner Linear B-Track Linear Actuator