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Wireless Actuator Control | Warner Linear

Warner Linear’s wireless actuator control can be used to remotely control a 12 or 24VDC actuator up to 100 ft. away. It can be used with our standard line of P1 end limit controls. The unit is offered in a single and dual actuator output for the 12VDC unit. The 24VDC unit is only available with two actuator outputs. All models have a manual override feature to operate the actuator without a remote. The wireless system is an RF design operating at 915MHz.

One remote is provided with the receiver unit, but the receiver can have up to four remotes programmed to work with it.

Product Features

Power: 12/24 VDC

Maximum Current: 20 Amps single, 10 Amps dual

Operating Temperature: -20o F to +150o F (-28o C to 66o C)

Operating Frequency: 915 MHz

Enclosure: IP67

Replaceable Remote Battery: CR2032, life expectancy dependent on use, but should last approx. 2 years

Product Data Sheets

  • p-1581-wl_wireless_actuator_control
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  • Electric Actuators and Actuator Controls

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Warner Linear Wireless Actuator Control