SBC-AC/SBC-AC2 Power Supply 90 volt output | Warner Linear

Warner Linear SBC-AC/SBC-AC2 Power Supply with 90 volt output for the K2/K2X Linear Actuators.

Input: 115 volt AC, AC2: 230 volt AC

Output: 90 volts DC @ 5 amps

Product Features

Input Cable: Standard: 6 ft. (1.829m) open end, tinned cable
Optional for 115 AC 6 ft. (1.829m) with 115 VAC 3 prong plug

Output Cable: 1 ft. (.30m) cable with 3-pin Deutsch connector Optional extension cables can be ordered in 5-25 ft. (1.524-7.62m) lengths

Enclosure: 4.72”L x 4.72”W x 3.15”H (119.89mm L x 119.89mm W x 80.01mm H) polycarbonate housing NEMA 4, 4x, 12, 13

Fusing: External fuse mounted on enclosure for easy replacement

Switching: DPDT momentary rocker switch for manual actuator control or Customer may supply their own switch

Potentiometer: Optional speed pot allows for output voltage adjustment (varies actuator speed)

Product Data Sheets

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Warner Linear SBC-AC and SBC-AC2 Power Supply 90 Volt